Flavio Lira

Dr. Flávio Lira

Affiliate Scholar (Alumni)

Flávio Augusto Lira Nascimento is adjunct professor of International Relations at the Federal University of the Pampas in Brazil. His research has mainly focused on: a) Russian Foreign Policy and Energy Geopolitics; and b) Brazil's Energy Policymaking. As a professor, he has mostly taught International Relations Theory, Energy Geopolitics, Russian Foreign Policy, and Political Theory. Flávio has researched energy as a relevant part of the geopolitical realm since 2011, first concentrating on Russia's hydrocarbon relations with China and Central Asia (University of São Paulo) and later including Brazil in his work (as a research fellow at the European Center for Energy and Resource Security at King's College London). Returning to Brazil from England in 2015, he developed accredited research groups working on Energy Geopolitics and Eurasian Geopolitics. His main research interests are: Brazilian energy policymaking, sustainable policymaking in times of democratic deficit, Russian foreign policy and energy geopolitics, and the geopolitics of traditional and non-traditional energy resources. At the IASS he is currently researching Brazil's renewable energy policymaking under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro and its impact on Brazil-Germany relations.