Headline: Dichotomic Decision Optimization for the Design of HVDC Superconducting Links

Superconducting links are an innovative solution for bulk power transmission, distinguished by their compact dimensions, high efficiency and small environmental footprint. As with any new technology field, there is a large amount of design possibilities for such links, each of them having a profound impact on the system configuration. For instance, changing the material can imply a change in the working temperature from 20 to 70 K and has consequences on the maximum link length. This article presents the dichotomic decision possibilities for the optimized design of a high-power superconducting link, focusing on some of the key components of the cable system. The complex design optimization process is exemplified using the European project Best Paths, in which the first 3-gigawatt-class superconducting cable system was designed, optimized, manufactured, and successfully tested.

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Muñoz-Antón, J., Marian, A., Lesur, F., & Bruzek, C.-E. (2020). Dichotomic Decision Optimization for the Design of HVDC Superconducting Links. Entropy, 22(12): 1413. doi:10.3390/e22121413.

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BEyond State-of-the-art Technologies for rePowering Ac corridors and multi-Terminal HVDC Systems (BEST PATHS)