Headline: Covid-19 e a crescente fragilidade da Amazônia brasileira

In this Discussion Paper we show how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the Brazilian Amazon, leading to the collapse of health systems in several Amazon cities, endangering indigenous ethnic groups, facilitating the clearance of huge forested plots, and, in the process, giving rise to growing concerns about the possible emergence of new transmissible zoonotic diseases.

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RIFS Discussion Papers and RIFS Working Papers

Sgambatti Monteiro, A., & Lima dos Santos, L. (2020). Covid-19 e a crescente fragilidade da Amazônia brasileira. IASS Discussion Paper, Maio 2020.

https://publications.rifs-potsdam.de/rest/items/item_6000288_2/component/file_6… https://doi.org/10.2312/iass.2020.020
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