Headline: Research Projects Showcased in the Heart of Potsdam

In our daily lives we tend to hurry past construction sites. But the fence surrounding a major building site on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße in Potsdam has been attracting attention following the launch of an interesting open-air exhibition on Saturday, 19 January. The exhibition showcases the range of research projects based in the city and explores its diverse research landscape.

Das IASS präsentiert bei der Bauzaun-Ausstellung ein Projekt zu Klimawandel und Luftqualität.
Gerhard Westrich

Each of the twenty panels on display presents a scientific institute and its research activities, explaining who is doing the research and where the institute is located in Potsdam. The IASS also features in the exhibition with a project focussed on measuring air quality in Potsdam and the surrounding area. The measurements were taken using equipment mounted on a bicycle and track variations in the concentration of pollutants. These measurements help researchers to better understand the public’s exposure to air pollutants. The IASS also contributed to a panel on Potsdam Summer School, a cooperation of several research institutions.

The exhibition on the perimeter fence was organised by ProWissen, an association that represents university and non-university research institutes in Potsdam. The state capital boasts a unique research landscape, with more than 10,000 people employed at research institutes and nearly 25,000 young people enrolled at the University of Potsdam and universities of applied sciences in Potsdam.

At a kind of “speed dating” event planned for on 9 August (3:30–5:30 p.m.) scientists from the participating projects will field questions from the public about their research activities. The exhibition on the perimeter fence is a fascinating window onto the research landscape of the City of Potsdam.