Overline: Brandeburg’s sustainable development strategy
Headline: Brandenburg’s Sustainability Advisory Board Adopts Programme of Work

On 21 June 2021 Brandenburg’s Sustainability Advisory Board convened for its second meeting to discuss two thematic priorities and adopt its programme of work. The meeting was chaired by IASS Scientific Director Ortwin Renn. The head of the state chancellery, Minister Kathrin Schneider, also attended the meeting.

Landscape with wind turbines in Brandenburg
Landscape with wind turbines in Brandenburg Shutterstock/Mike Mareen

The Sustainability Advisory Board addresses two key topics each year in parallel, with corresponding position papers, a public event, and up to seven joint meetings and two fireside chats. It also advises policymakers and state authorities on the further development of the Brandeburg’s sustainable development strategy.

This year and in 2022, the Sustainability Advisory Board will focus its expertise on strengthening society in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, especially with regards to digitalization and education and work in rural towns and villages. In her presentation, Uta Steinhardt, professor at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, outlined an "added value strategy" for Brandenburg that is based on diversified agriculture, improved protected area systems, renaturation, timber construction and a change in diets. In addition, the Advisory Board will examine the implementation of the energy transition in Brandenburg and the potentials of carbon-free industrial processes. It will also consider the impact of federal policy initiatives such as the amendment of the Renewable Energies Act on Brandenburg. Rüdiger Kuhn of Pro Brandenburg/CEMEX Germany highlighted the enormous potential of Brandenburg as a model region for innovation and sustainable development aligned with climate policy objectives.

In cooperation with the Platform for Sustainability in Brandenburg, the Advisory Board is planning an event in late autumn on the topic of "Regional development opportunities: Impulses for an effective sustainability strategy for Brandenburg".

The Advisory Board also stressed the need to involve young people in the consultation process and the further development of the sustainability strategy.

Minister Schneider: "In addressing the coronavirus crisis and the implementation of the energy transition, the Sustainability Advisory Board is tackling two issues of exceeding importance for the future of our state and for the development of the Brandenburg’s sustainability strategy. I am sure that the Advisory Board will supply us with valuable advice on how we can optimize economic growth, land use, climate protection and social justice in a way that will set new standards in Germany."

The Chair of the Sustainability Advisory Board, Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn adds: "The next ten years will be crucial for sustainability and, above all, climate protection in determining whether we can create a livable and humane future for our children and grandchildren. The Advisory Board will provide constructive input, expertise, and policy recommendations to support the state government in its efforts to set a course for a sustainable future. There is an opportunity here for Brandenburg to become a pioneer in the sustainable development of the economy and society."

The next session of the Sustainability Advisory Board will take place on 07.10.2021 in Potsdam. Further information is available here.