Headline: Glossary of Ocean Governance Terms

The STRONG High Seas project has published a Glossary of Ocean Governance Terms to provide decision-makers and other stakeholders, including the private sector, scientific communities, civil society, and traditional communities, with a reference lexicon on ocean governance related terms to facilitate understanding when engaging in negotiations and implementation of international and national policies and regulations. As in most areas of knowledge or activity, the field of ocean governance is associated with specialized terminology, or jargon. The use of specific terms is essential for clear communication, particularly among peers, but also to a wider audience. However, as one area becomes more specialized and consequently the use of jargons increases, the challenge for comprehensible communication also grows. A shared understanding of terms by stakeholders engaging in policy instruments is particularly critical. Texts of policy instruments and of decisions (or similar documents, such as Resolutions or measures) under these instruments are, in some cases, legally-binding, which makes States Parties generally abide by them. The same word could have different meaning to different audiences and at different times. Having a common understanding of a term will, therefore, ease communication and, ultimately, help decision-makers achieve agreement in a political context.

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Diz, D., Hazin, C., Boteler, B., & Durussel, C. (2022). Glossary of Ocean Governance Terms.

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Stärkung der regionalen Governance für die Hohe See (STRONG High Seas)