Headline: SHAPE Report on the first phase of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, June - October 2021

This report is divided into three parts. Part one introduces the project and the dialogue process. Links to the summary report of the initial SHAPE webinar and a synthesis of the questionnaire results are provided. Part two of the report covers a synthesis of the recommendations made by the stakeholders about the dimensions and scenarios. The synthesis is based on the input that we received through the workshops and also the questionnaire. For transparency, the exact transcription of the workshop results as they were written on the Miro online workboards can be found in the annex. Part three of the report provides a discussion of the workshop results and stakeholders’ recommendations about key changes to be made for the narrative development. It also addresses open issues for further stakeholder discussions and reflects on the participatory process at this stage of the SHAPE project. The report concludes with key messages for the team members of the SHAPE project, from our stakeholders and for the bigger SDG picture.


Aguiar, A. P., Cornell, S., Remy, M., & Schmidt, F.(2021). SHAPE Report on the first phase of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, June - October 2021. Potsdam, Stockholm: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC).

Beteiligte Projekte
Nachhaltige Entwicklungspfade zur Förderung menschlichen Wohlergehens bei gleichzeitigem Schutz des Klimas und des Planeten Erde (SHAPE)