Headline: Integrated Science 2050: Science Without Borders

In considering the changing world, the authors of the Integrated Science: Science without Borders were asked how you would see the future of your field 30 years later. The present chapter publishes authors’ views on this subject in 2050. Authors have integrated science into the person, thinking of complex problems, artificial intelligence, management under changing conditions, and a sustainable future.

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Saghazadeh, A., Suz, A. A., Viu, A., Wu, C.-F., Maboloc, C. R., Hellberg, D., Rzechowska, E., Thorén, H., Bauer, H. H., Kłos, J., Treur, J., LeCorre, J.-Y., Żyniewicz, K., de Miguel Álvarez, L., Rodríguez Zoya, L. G., Neukam, M., Michałowska, M., Renn, O., Allen, R., Moscoso-Flores, P. E., Cruzado, R.-D.-O., Nuere, S., Bollinger, S., Burger-Helmchen, T., Görnitz, T., de Vasconcelos Guedes, T. S., Dou, X., Svigaris, Ž., & Rezaei, N. (2021). Integrated Science 2050: Science Without Borders. In N. Rezaei (Ed.), Integrated Science: Science Without Borders (pp. 461-478). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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