Headline: Equity implications of net zero visions

With national governments almost universally pledging to achieve net zero emissions, a key uncertainty is how net zero policies will affect global equity. It is unclear which policy measures are available for achieving net zero equitably, what the social and environmental implications of these measures will be under global pathways, or how they might be implemented in ways that advance rather than undermine equity. By means of three stylized future pathways, we show that there are potentially serious international and domestic equity effects from global net zero policies, as well as opportunities to achieve an equitable net zero future for all through appropriate policy design.

Wissenschaftliche Aufsätze

Lenzi, D., Jakob, M., Honegger, M., Droege, S., Heyward, J. C., & Kruger, T. (2021). Equity implications of net zero visions. Climatic Change, 169(3-4): 20. doi:10.1007/s10584-021-03270-2.