Headline: A Collaborative Transformation beyond Coal and Cars? : Co-Creation and Corporatism in the German Energy and Mobility Transitions

In this article, we critically discuss the role of collaboration in Germany’s path towards a post-carbon economy. We consider civic movements and novel forms of collaboration as a potentially transformative challenger to the predominant approach of corporatist collaboration in the mobility and energy sectors. However, while trade unions and employer organizations provide a permanent and active arena for policy-oriented collaboration, civil society groups cannot rely on an equivalently institutionalized corridor to secure policy impact and public resonance. In that sense, conventional forms of collaboration tend to hinder the transformation towards a post-carbon economy. Collaboration in the German corporatist setting is thus, from a sustainability perspective, simultaneously a problem and a solution. We argue for more institutionalized corridors between civil society and state institutions. Co-creation, as we would like to call this methodical approach to collaborating, can be anchored within the environmental and industrial policy arenas.

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Herberg, J., Haas, T., Oppold, D., & von Schneidemesser, D. (2020). A Collaborative Transformation beyond Coal and Cars?: Co-Creation and Corporatism in the German Energy and Mobility Transitions. Sustainability, 12(8): 3278. doi:10.3390/su12083278.

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Ko-Kreation und zeitgemäße Politikberatung Sozialer Strukturwandel und responsive Politikberatung in der Lausitz