Headline: Building an LCA inventory. A worked example on a CO2 to fertilizer process

This worked example is part of a series of examples that are designed to provide practical guidance to the application of the Techno-Economic Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment Guidelines for CO2 Utilization. This worked example provides guidance on best practices and potential pitfalls in the production of a LCA inventory utilizing one or more sources of primary/secondary data. The worked example highlights the dangers of “picking and mixing” data by showing how derived results can vary significantly resulting in inconsistencies and uncertainty when considering direct comparisons for products/services and functions. The worked example considers a CO2 to nitrogen rich fertilizer pathway, with 18 inventories produced for assessment.


Zaragoza, A. V., McCord, S., Styring, P., Cremonese, L., Strunge, T., & Sick, V.(2020). Building an LCA inventory. A worked example on a CO2 to fertilizer process. Berlin [u.a.]: Technische Universität Berlin [u.a.].

Beteiligte Projekte
CO2nsistent: Anwendung technisch-ökonomischer und ökologischer Bewertungen (TEA und LCA) von CO2-Nutzungstechnologien (CCU) für Entscheidungsträger in Politik und Wirtschaft