Headline: Governance of systemic risks for disaster prevention and mitigation

Systemic risks originate in tightly coupled systems. They are characterised by complexity, transboundary cascading effects, non-linear stochastic developments, tipping points, and lag in perception and regulation. Disasters need to be analysed in the context of vulnerabilities of infrastructure, industrial activities, structural developments and behavioural patterns which amplify or attenuate the impact of hazards. In particular, disasters are triggered by chains of events that often amplify and also multiply damages. The paper aims to discuss these issues.

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Schweizer, P.-J., & Renn, O. (2019). Governance of systemic risks for disaster prevention and mitigation. Disaster prevention and management: an international journal, 28(6), 862-874. doi:10.1108/DPM-09-2019-0282.

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