Headline: Reviewing air pollution and public health in China

Decades of gross domestic product-focused economic development has not only made China the world’s second largest economy, but has also led to massive environmental problems, including air pollution, which has been shown to lead to multiple adverse health outcomes. This review paper aims to contribute a better understanding regarding the interactive relationships between ambient air pollution and public health in China, based on a literature review from international journals, public data from government agencies and relevant reports from international organisations. Various studies have been conducted regarding air pollution and public health in China and their outcomes, which are valuable for further investigations and policymaking. However, current knowledge regarding air pollution and public health is still inadequate and has become a key barrier to supporting recommendations for further policymaking. This is despite the fact that China has launched relevant laws, regulations and standards and built about 106 national monitoring sites. Finally, two recommendations in particular are proposed: to enable public participation and improving the executive power of the government for reducing air pollution and to improve public health in China.

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Xue, B., Butler, T. M., Ren, W., Zhang, Z., Wang, Y., & Mu, Z. (2018). Reviewing air pollution and public health in China. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability, 171(7), 358-367. doi:10.1680/jensu.16.00056.

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