Headline: The Promise and Perils of Corporate Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation has become mainstream, making its way into schools, corporations, prisons and government agencies including the U.S. military. Millions of people are receiving tangible benefits from their mindfulness practice: less stress, better concentration, perhaps a little more empathy. Almost daily, the media cite scientific studies that report the numerous health benefits of mindfulness meditation and how such a simple practice can effect neurological changes in the brain.

Monographien und Sammelwerke

Purser, R. E., Ng, E., & Walsh, Z. (2018). The Promise and Perils of Corporate Mindfulness. In C. Mabey, & D. Knights (Eds.), Leadership Matters: Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century (pp. 47-62). New York: Routledge.

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