Headline: E-Gov and Sustainability: a Literature Review

E-governance (e-gov) might provide the missing tools in order to move closer to the good governance ideal, often depicted as a key element for a sustainable future. But how is sustainability considered in the scientific debate around e-gov? The main objective of this paper is to review the current research at the intersection of e-gov and sustainability in order to provide insights on the identified challenges and opportunities arising from e-gov as well as the preconditions for sustainable e-gov. A systematic review of the existing body of scientific literature published since 2012 has been performed, and after several screenings - from the 180 documents initially identified - 30 articles were selected and analysed in-depth. The results of the analysis are structured based on the sustainability perspective and governance perspective respectively, with authors from developing countries rather looking into development opportunities while authors from developed countries focus on efficiency gains.

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Pougel, F., Bonnel, S., & Beier, G. (2018). E-Gov and Sustainability: a Literature Review. Journal of Innovations and Sustainability, 4(1), 9-54.

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