Headline: Concepts, Formats, and Methods of Participation: Theory and Practice

New energies form new energy landscapes (Apostol, Palmer, Pasqualetti, Smardon, & Sullivan, 2016; Gailing & Leibenath, 2013). Energy carriers converge within space and open up leeway and scope for design. Different spaces are affected: offshore and onshore, plains and mountains, waters, volcanic areas, coastal regions, deserts, etc. Different energy sources and types of technology are used and integrated through grids. Grids are increasingly governed as smart energy systems equipped with smart meters and apps etc., linked with smart mobility.

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Radtke, J., Holstenkamp, L., Barnes, J., & Renn, O. (2018). Concepts, Formats, and Methods of Participation: Theory and Practice. In L. Holsten, & J. Radtke (Eds.), Handbuch Energiewende und Partizipation (pp. 21-42). Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

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Governance und Partizipation